For whom is the Fitness Cabinet Gymfurn Epeius suitable?

Ideal basis for functional training

The Gymfurn Epeius Fitness Cabinet is basically suitable for all those people who are interested in fitness training in their own four walls, who are looking for a functional and elegant home gym solution, and who want to incorporate variation possibilities in their training.

Functional strength training with Gymfurn Epeius is aimed at a wide range of target groups, ideally with previous knowledge of functional training, bodyweight training or free weight training.

This type of training requires a basic level of coordination skills, especially controlled body tension during the execution of the exercise.

If you are completely inexperienced in this area, we recommend that you receive appropriate instruction from trained personnel – such as a qualified personal trainer in your area – before you start training.

Training for all levels

Training with the Gymfurn Epeius Fitness Cabinet and the training equipment included in the Advanced and Pro packages is explicitly not a special training for top athletes.

For almost every exercise there are progression and degression options, i.e. variation options to make the exercise harder or easier. This is usually done by varying the weight or resistance, or by changing your body position towards the exercise device. Thus, this training is also suitable for beginners with the appropriate knowledge of the correct exercise execution.

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Due to the variability of the training equipment, the possible applications are extremely versatile and are therefore perfectly suited for households in which people with different performance levels or sporting backgrounds are looking for a varied platform for training at home. With the right amount of space, two or three people can work out in a circuit, each using different exercises and equipment.

What are the dimensions of the Fitness Cabinet and what are the space requirements?

Required space

Gymfurn Epeius Fitness Cabinet stands on a base of 120 x 55 cm / 47 x 22” and has a height of 220 cm / 87”. When open, it has a maximum width of 244 cm / 96” (doors open 180°) and a maximum depth of 112 cm / 44” (90° angle door opening).

Ceiling height

To fully perform a pull-up, we recommend a ceiling height of at least 245 cm / 97”. In case of sloping ceilings, please include the opening radius of both doors in the required ceiling height.

Training space

For a comfortable workout with enough clearance for the incline bench, we recommend an area of approx. 2.5 x 2.5 m / 8.2 x 8.2 ft or about 6 m² / 7,2 yr².

Skirting / base board

A direct wall connection is necessary for anchoring in the wall. It may be necessary to cap an existing 120 cm skirting board beforehand.


What safety aspects does Gymfurn Epeius fulfil?

We have had the Fitness Cabinet tested and certified according to DIN EN ISO 20957 T1 & T2 for stationary training equipment for home use (class H).

Thus, we ensure product safety when used properly according to the manual. As part of the certification process, we carried out several load tests. According to the test protocol, these were carried out with a safety factor of 2.5.

Based on the tests, the following safety-relevant values result:

Maximum user weight: 120 kg (264 lb)

Maximum load on incline bench (user weight + additional weight): 270 kg (595 lb)

Maximum dumbbell weight per rack: 50 kg (110 lb)

Maximum weight of kettlebell on hook: 50 kg (110 lb)

Maximum load rung vertical: 120 kg (264 lb)

Maximum load rung horizontal: 50 kg (110 lb)



How is the delivery of the Fitness Cabinet?

Exclusively for customers in Germany: Optionally, we offer you a complete solution with delivery and on-site installation.

By default:

The Gymfurn Epeius Fitness Cabinet including all accessories is delivered in disassembled condition on an extra-large pallet by freight forwarding. The shipment is made free curbside. I.e. the transport of the shipment to the final destination in the building is the responsibility of the customer – so the first workout with the Fitness Cabinet 💪.

Please note: The cabinet has a net weight of around 205 kg / 451 lb. In addition, there is the incline bench with 29 kg / 64 lb. In addition, the small equipment included in the Pro package weighs up to 90 kg / 198 lb, depending on the configuration.

Therefore, you should already plan for a trained helper for the transport from the curb.


The shipment includes the following items for Gymfurn Epeius Raw:

  • 1x base plate
  • 1x Pull-up element
  • 2x side panel
  • 2x door
  • 2x angle
  • 2x wall bar element
  • 2x dumbbell tray
  • 2x kettlebell hook
  • 1x box for fascia roll and mat
  • 1x box small
  • 1x double hook
  • 1x holder smartphone/tablet
  • 1x screw set
  • 1 pair Gym rings
  • 1x exercise book
  • 1x manual (safety and installation instructions)


Additionally in bundle Essential

  • 1 Gymfurn Incline Bench

Additionally in bundle Advanced

  • 1 pair of PowerBlock® dumbbells
  • 1 Übungsmatte

Additionally in bundle Pro

  • 1 pair of Kettlebells
  • 1 Blackroll® Fascia Roll 
  • 1 pair of resistance bands (TheraBand® CLX)
  • 1 pair of powerbands
  • 1 skipping rope

The installation should be done by 2 persons.

Germany only: Optionally, delivery is carried out by a logistics company, which also takes care of the installation (subject to surcharge). See next FAQ.

How is the installation done?

Make sure that the given space conditions, ceiling height and wall texture do not stand in the way of the installation. See question: How much space do I need for the fitness cabinet?

This is what you need for installation:


2 persons

1.5 – 2.5 hours


  • Impact drill
  • If necessary, special dowel solutions depending on the wall condition (included in the scope of delivery is a dowel/screw set for common materials such as concrete, masonry brick or solid brick)
  • Hammer for hammering in the dowels
  • If necessary, saw for partial removal of a skirting board

Alternatively, we offer the complete logistics solution within Germany, including delivery, on-site assembly and take-away of the packaging material.

What exercise equipment fits into the Fitness Cabinet or can be used on it?

The Fitness Cabinet is compatible with a range of versatile small training equipment.

Compatible means two things. On the one hand, it means that you can easily store the equipment in the Fitness Cabinet. On the other hand, you can use the equipment separately from the cabinet or in combination with the anchor points on the pull-up bars and rungs, or in combination with other equipment such as the incline bench.

The doors are used to store

  • 2 dumbbells (max. basic size 38 x 19 cm),
  • 2 kettlebells,
  • 1 yoga/fascia roll (max. Ø 17 cm),
  • 1 exercise mat (max. Ø rolled: 17 cm),
  • as well as a variety of small equipment like exercise bands, skipping ropes, powerbands etc.

The 112 cm wide multigrip pull-up bar is suitable as an anchor point for gym rings or suspension trainers.

In addition, the Fitness Cabinet offers storage space for the included Gymfurn Incline Bench (Essential, Advanced and Pro bundle) and other equipment, which you can place either in the floor space, on the rungs or on the pull-up bar.

Gymfurn Epeius Pro Equipment Animation

Further questions?

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