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Fitness Cabinet

Gymfurn Epeius Theraband CLX Press

No half measures. Your 100% home gym.

Gymfurn Epeius is the all-in-one solution for your functional strength training at home. Thanks to the sophisticated concept and the wide range of applications, the Fitness Cabinet Gymfurn Epeius is the epitome of home gym.

No half measures. Your 100% home gym.

Gymfurn Epeius is the all-in-one solution for your functional strength training at home. Thanks to the sophisticated concept and the wide range of applications, the Fitness Cabinet Gymfurn Epeius is the epitome of home gym.

10 reasons for the Gymfurn Epeius Fitness Cabinet

1. Motivation

Let’s be honest: What’s usually the biggest hurdle in training? The lack of motivation. We believe that your training equipment should be integrated as seamlessly as possible into your everyday life, so that you can get started as easily as possible.

Learn more about motivation during training in our blog.

2. Integration

The basic idea of Gymfurn Epeius is to integrate your workout into your home or office. But in such a way that these rooms still look like your living room or office and not like the free weight area in the gym.

That’s why we combine sophisticated furniture design with the functionality of professional fitness equipment.

3. Design

Configure Gymfurn Epeius in your favorite design: choose your desired decor from different wood decors and the desired frame color for the perfect look of your home gym – matching the rest of your interior design of living room, bedroom or study.

4. Variation

Variation and motivation go hand in hand! Thanks to the versatile exercise options, on the one hand, better training successes are made possible. On the other hand, you prevent the stultifying monotony of the same workouts over and over again.

5. Functionality

The Gymfurn Epeius Fitness Cabinet is designed to allow you to perform or support a variety of exercises from all areas of functional training. Through the intelligent combination of locomotion, pushing and pulling, rotation and vertical weight shifts, your body is challenged holistically.

6. Order

“Order is half the battle.” Ok, not every creative slob shares this quote. But the fact is, order helps you get things done faster…and prevent stress with your partner. 😉

With a footprint of 0.7 m², Gymfurn Epeius organizes all your equipment, locked behind two doors or tucked away in a designer fitness cabinet. Everything is ready to go for your next workout. No tripping hazards, no dusty gym mats under the bed, no weight bench in the musty basement or cold garage.

7. Safety

You have children? Wonderful, they will love the wall bars – but please under supervision! The Gymfurn Epeius Fitness Cabinet is lockable. Unintended use is ruled out with a turn of a key.
The solid steel frame withstands the highest loads and forms a safe training platform when anchored accordingly in the wall – certified according to DIN EN 20957.

8. Independence

Free yourself from memberships or pandemic rules. In your own home, you define your hours and your rules. Invite your workout buddy and create your workout whenever it suits you.

9. Efficiency

Had a long meeting? Urge to move, but don’t feel like driving to the gym anymore? No problem, because Gymfurn Epeius is where you are anyway – at home!

Even a mini workout of 15 or 30 minutes is always worth it. No setup or rebuild necessary – goodbye to setup time. Since your workout can start in no time, you’re sure to find time for it even after a long day.

10. Quality

The solid fitness cabinet Gymfurn Epeius was designed by a sports scientist and is manufactured in Germany. We give you a 10-year guarantee on the frame.

The training equipment included, depending on the personal configuration, comes from specialists in the field of functional training and is used in professional fitness and competitive sports.

The opening hours of this gym are entirely up to you.

The opening hours of this gym are entirely up to you.

Fitness Cabinet features

Gymfurn Epeius Cabinet

Solid core

The basis of the Gymfurn Epeius is a robust steel frame with a 10-year guarantee. The solid construction allows safe training with your own body weight and forms the basis for convenient storage of all equipment.

With 220 cm (87”) height, Gymfurn Epeius fits in rooms with usual ceiling height and thus offers enough air upwards for pull-ups (more spec’s: see FAQ). At the back, the cabinet is anchored to a solid wall with four screws.

The powder coating of the steel frame (standard color: iron mica anthracite) provides at the same time a noble, slightly shimmering look and durable protection of the body.

Wall Bars

Gymnasium flair

It’s hard to imagine a gymnasium without it: the classic wall bars. For generations, it has been used not only for gymnastics. Today it serves as an aid for mobility exercises, offers fixing possibilities for resistance bands and is ideal for the creation of new exercises in combination with the gym rings.

Multifunctional pull-up solution

The upper cabinet element is also a Multigrip pull-up bar and serves as a suspension for gym rings, sling trainers, powerbands and other accessories.

Whether it’s a wide overhand grip, a close hammer grip or a wide hammer grip: With the pull-up as a classic bodyweight exercise, you challenge your upper body holistically. If you need a little support, simply use a powerband.

Full-fledged training bench – invisibly stored

When closed, nothing reveals that behind the cabinet doors of Gymfurn Epeius hides a full-fledged incline bench. It is stored on edge and is positioned with a flick of the wrist thanks to its casters.

With its anatomically shaped backrest, five adjustable incline angles and 53 cm (21”) wide feet, the Gymfurn Incline Bench is super stable and versatile. In combination with rungs and gym rings, it offers far more exercise possibilities than just classic dumbbell training.

Everything in place

As soon as you open the doors of Gymfurn Epeius, your equipment is at hand. The dumbbell trays and kettlebell hooks are at an optimal height for easy lifting and lowering of weights.

Your gym mat and fascia roll have a fixed place just like resistance bands, your skipping rope and other equipment that can easily be attached to the hook.

In the additional box you place your water bottle, a towel or other utensils. There is a holder for your tablet and/or cell phone so that you can play exercise videos or workout playlists.

The Gymfurn Epeius Fitness Cabinet is the platform for your training in your own four walls. With a compact footprint of around 0.7 m² (0.84 yr²) and numerous shelves, it accommodates everything you need for your home gym safely and neatly. The wide Multigrip pull-up bar and the wall bars form the anchor points for different training equipment such as sling training and resistance bands, and allow you a varied strength and flexibility training.

The variable and high-quality Gymfurn Incline Bench – made in Germany – combined with the Gymfurn Epeius Fitness Cabinet offers you a huge exercise potential. You simply park the rollable bench in the cabinet and don’t lose any space in your home.

The PowerBlock® dumbbells replace up to 16 pairs of dumbbells, depending on the model selected, and thus save a lot of space. If desired, they can still be expanded to up to 31/43 kg (68/95 lb) per dumbbell. Best of all, weight adjustment is a matter of 2 seconds thanks to the magnetic pin. Dumbbell training has never been faster.

Available models: Sport 24 (up to 11 kg / 24 lb per dumbbell) or Sport 90 (up to 22.5 kg / 50 lb and expandable).

Included in the Advanced and Pro bundles.

Gym rings not only look good but offer you a variety of bodyweight exercises in the categories of pushing, pulling and core. The straps can be quickly adjusted in height and provide a secure hold. A timeless classic that no home gym should be without.

Included in: Advanced and Pro

A mat is indispensable for your workout on the floor. Non-slip, skin-friendly, abrasion-resistant, washable: You won’t want to roll up the ARTZT vitality® mat.

Included in the Advanced and Pro bundles.

Kettlebells are unique training tools that make classic weight training even more versatile. Thanks to their shape, they are suitable for both complex movement sequences and swing exercises. No question about it: Kettlebells are the weapon of the pros.
Available from 8-32 kg / 18-70 lb (4 kg / 8.8 lb increments).

In the bundle Pro optionally available as a pair with 8+16 kg (17+35 lb) or 12+24 kg (26+53 lb).

Strength is nothing without mobility. That is why every holistic training also includes mobilization and the targeted training of mobility. The Blackroll® is a standard tool for self-treatment of the fasciae that has become indispensable in competitive sports today.

Part of the Pro bundle with its own storage in the Fitness Cabinet.

It doesn’t always have to be iron. Often underestimated, but thanks to their progressive resistance extremely effective, resistance bands offer many applications. Whether in combination with the wall bars or used alone: the ingenious TheraBand® CLX bands offer you a huge exercise program.

In the package Pro optionally available in the gradations strong (blue + black) or super strong (silver + gold).

Even more resistance than the CLX bands offer you the closed powerbands. They are perfect as support for pull-ups and provide additional resistance for squats and other exercises.

The Pro package includes a set of 2 medium + strong.

The skipping rope workout is ideal as a warm-up and trains your coordination skills and leg muscles at the same time. The noble ARTZT vitality® skipping rope with wooden handles and genuine leather rope fits perfectly to the Gymfurn Fitness Cabinet and is guaranteed to make you sweat.

Included in Pro bundle.

The Work Out! Exercise Book is included with every Gymfurn Epeius.

With around 60 exercises, you always have the basics for your functional strength training with Gymfurn Epeius at hand.

No installation required. Not available in the app store.


Get inspired. Push, pull, core, legs, full body exercise. For your functional strength training, Gymfurn Epeius gives you plenty to choose from.


Four different equipment packages for the perfect start. Combine, add or configure your setup according to your preferences.


We’ve already answered all your questions about installation, delivery and space. Everything you need to know to get started quickly.

What does the name Gymfurn Epeius stand for?

The brand name Gymfurn is composed of the words gym and furniture.

The name Epeius comes from Greek mythology and dates back over 2,700 years. It is based on the epic poem “Iliad” by the Greek poet Homer. According to the story, Epeius is a carpenter who is commissioned by King Odysseus to build the Trojan Horse during the Trojan War. This is a large wooden horse in whose belly Greek soldiers can hide and thus get behind the city walls of Troy. With this ruse, the Greeks finally succeed in taking Troy.

Just like the Trojan horse of the carpenter Epeius, the Gymfurn Epeius Fitness Cabinet is well camouflaged at first glance and reveals nothing about its interior. However, in the belly of the cabinet hides everything you need for your strength training at home. Unobtrusive and matching your interior when closed – ready to go and inviting to workout when open.