Fitness meets furniture.

Your ultimate home gym & office gym

No more training equipment lying around. No more monotonous exercises. The Gymfurn Epeius fitness cabinet is probably the most versatile home gym solution in the world. Perfect for those who value their fitness and a tidy home. Ideal as a space-saving and discreet office gym.

>200 exercises

Gymfurn Epeius is an innovative training platform and offers you a huge variety of exercises for functional strength training.

>20 designs

Choose from five different wood decors and four frame / incline bench colours. Or configure your desired design with an individual frame colour and a large selection of other decors.

11 tools

From the exercise mat to the gym rings. In just 0.7 m² of floor space, 11 different pieces of exercise equipment are safely stowed away and ready for immediate use.


Doors open, workout on, let off steam – stow equipment, doors closed, relax. No time wasted, no mess, no stress!


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One color off the rack? Put an end to it.

The Gymfurn Epeius fitness cabinet comes in a variety of designs, so it will integrate perfectly into your living space and you’ll enjoy looking at it for years to come.

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